Inside Sotheby’s: Cyrus Cylinder Makes Its Way to the Sackler

By Roxane Zand, Sotheby’s Director, Middle East Department, and the editor of Sotheby’s Cultural Crossroads Blog:

Nearly 350 guests from several continents gathered at the cocktail hour to view the gem of an exhibition curated by Dr John Curtis, with the involvement of Sackler’s Dr Massoumeh Farhad and Dr Julian Raby, the Gallery Director. The event also heralded the flagship project of IHF America—a diaspora cultural charity that began some 20 years ago in the UK.

… A glamorous gathering of high-profile guests was especially appreciative of both the message and timing of this cultural diplomacy. In his speech Neil Macgregor [Director of the British Museum] recognized the desire of the diaspora Iranian community to move beyond the confines of today’s political axis, and CNN legend Christiane Amanpour affirmed the same dynamic in her after-dinner dialogue with the BM Director.

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