NPR: Persian Empire Treasure Begins US Tour

Renee Montagne of NPR’s Morning Edition talks to professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak of the University of Maryland about the history of this ancient cultural icon:

MONTAGNE: Now some have called this arrival of the Cyrus Cylinder to the U.S. a kind of soft diplomacy – a way to improve relations, if not to relations, then certain images. What do you think? Do you think it’ll have an effect?

KARIMI: Yes. In the history of cultural policy, it will be mentioned somehow. When two states fail to talk to one another and the desire is within the population of both countries to start some dialogue going, objects like this serve a central purpose. That is, they get people together, they make possible conversations – if not at the state level – at least people to people conversations.

Listen to the conversation and read the transcript: Persian Empire Treasure Begins US Tour