BBC Persian: منشور کوروش به آمریکا میرود

From the article (in Persian):

آنچه که به منشور کوروش اهمیت ویژه ای می بخشد، اقدامات اعلام شده او به عنوان فرمانروای جدید بابل است.
در این فرمان، دین و فرهنگ قوم مغلوب مورد تایید و احترام قرار گرفته و همچنین اعلام شده است که مردمی که پس از شکست از بابلیان، به عنوان برده به این سرزمین آورده شده بودند از آزادی دینی و فرهنگی برخوردار می شوند و می توانند به سرزمین اصلی خود بازگردند.

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New York Times: A British Museum Treasure Will Visit the United States

From the article:

Often referred to as “the first bill of human rights” because its inscription encourages freedom of worship throughout the Persian Empire, it is a small clay object — not quite nine inches long — bearing an account, in Babylonian cuneiform, by Cyrus, the King of Persia of his conquest of Babylon in 539 B.C. The cylinder was found in what was once Babylon, now Iraq, in 1879 during a British Museum excavation and has been on display at the museum ever since. It is one of the most famous objects to have survived from the ancient world.

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Guardian: Babylonian relic to visit US with historic message of tolerance

From the article:

For Jews and Christians, it is the object that – along with passages of Isaiah – records the end of Jewish exile in Babylon. In Iran, it has by turns been used as a symbol of the shah’s power and, most recently, when the cylinder toured to Tehran in 2010, was adopted as a rallying cry for Palestinian freedom by the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. For others, it is the first declaration of human rights, and an international symbol of religious tolerance. For Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, to which it belongs, it is the “first press release”.

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The Cyrus Cylinder tour announcement receives press coverage internationally

The announcement of the Cyrus Cylinder US tour was covered by a number of media outlets today, including the BBC 10PM TV News segment. Here are some of the highlights: